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3D Humanized Plant

The 3D Humanized Plan greatly facilitates the client's understanding of the proposed layout, be it an apartment, single storey residence, allotment, country club or other project, with the differential of being more realistic and having volumes.

With the 3D humanized plan it is possible to quickly read the layout of the environments as well as the internal furniture and almost all the decoration items, such as curtains, pictures, wall clocks, etc. garden, outdoor furniture and other important design elements.

It also helps a lot in the decoration phase, as the furniture is precisely sized, in addition to that, the designer has an overview in a single image, which helps in defining the color palette. As it is an image with realistic 3D volumetry, it is possible to verify the harmony between the materials and finishes such as wood tone, flooring, frames and types of marble or granite used in the project.  

Even in the case of a humanized 3D plan of a larger project, the visualization is still clear and fast, in addition to providing a more pleasant reading than a technical CAD drawing that often "scares" a buyer prospect.

It is a type of image that, when printed in large format, can be printed on billboards and causes a great impact.

It gives the client an overview of the project as it is easy to identify the accesses, leisure areas, landmarks, etc.  

The 3D Humanized Plan even for densely furnished environments can present a great visualization.

By having the 3D volumes with the exact heights provided in the project and all the texture and color characteristics it becomes a very versatile and interesting image, presenting an extraordinary cost/benefit ratio.

We strive to produce beautiful and attractive 3D Humanized Plants, so you can use them on your website, social media or print in large formats, all to achieve your goal. The 3D Humanized Plants developed by 3DDS can follow market standards or be customized.

Do you have a project?

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