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Interior Design Consulting

What do you get for consulting?

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How it works?

The most practical way to transform your environment in a professional way.

100% Online Service
By contracting this service, the customer will be able to have the help of a trained professional to give some environments a makeover. 

Unlike interior design, consulting is a simpler and faster service, and therefore much cheaper, which is very helpful for customers who need professional help to improve the decoration of their home or business.

Items that can be suggested in a consultation:

  • Floors and coverings;

  • Wall colors;

  • Plaster

  • Lamps;

  • Loose furniture to be bought in stores (armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs, etc.);

  • Loose furniture placement layout;

  • Customized furniture (No detail project)

  • Decoration items in general (curtains, rugs, cushions, decorative objects, etc.).

- 2D Humanized Plant

- Realistic 3D illustration

- Shopping list with links
- Indication of coatings and finishes

- 360 degree visualization of the environment.

1- Contact us by email, website form on the quote page or via Whatsapp.

two- Tell us what your need is. In how many environments do you want our help? If possible, send us some photos of the place, a sketch, if you have already made one, references of your tastes, etc.

3- With the information in item 2 we can understand how to help you and thus prepare a budget. Remembering that we work with a progressive discount, that is, the more environments the cheaper each environment is.

4- After acceptance of our proposal, the commercial processes are carried out (Registration, issuance of the invoice, slips, etc.)

5- You will fill out a briefing, where you will tell us in greater depth and detail about yourself and the environments you want our help for the transformation.

6- Contact with the creative team. The person responsible for your project will contact you, usually via whatsapp, to answer any questions that may have been left in your briefing and to pass on some initial ideas.

7- After a few days and as agreed, you will receive the initial layout in the form of a 2D Humanized Plan, this layout will be discussed and adjusted with you.

8- With the layout approved, the 3D illustrations of each environment will be made, with which it will be possible to define all the finishes and colors.

9- With the illustrations approved, the consultancy is almost ready, so we will provide the list of items that you can buy through the links, via the internet.

10- And to top it all off, you will receive a link to view your new environment in 360 degrees 

Do you have a project?

Count on us to visualize your project now.

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