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External 3D Electronic Mockup

In Real Estate Marketing, the External 3D Electronic Model is an indispensable sales tool, as it shows exactly how the finished property will look.

Maquete Eletrônica 3D Externa Centro Comercial

It is a type of image provided in high resolution, which means that it can be printed in large formats for publication on billboards, banners, stickers, etc.

Maquete Eletrônica 3D Externa de Piscinas

With this type of image, the most important qualities of a project can be highlighted, be they the design, the colors, the landscaping or other factors.

The External 3D Electronic Model presents different levels of detail, and can be merely volumetric, detailed or photorealistic. 

Maquete Eletrônica Externa de Área de Lazer

For a long time Real Estate Marketing has been using Electronic Models and with the advancement of technology this type of resource has been increasingly used by large or small construction companies.

In addition to the sales appeal, the 3D electronic model is still very useful to help the designer to identify design interferences that are difficult to see in a 2D project.

It also helps a lot in defining colors and textures because today3d technologyand the ability of the 3D Designer give the image a high degree of realism, managing to perfectly simulate the materials.

We strive to produce beautiful and attractive 3D Electronic Mockups, so you can use them on your website, social networks, print in large formats, or to help you with your project, all to achieve your goal. The 3D Electronic Models developed by 3DDS can follow market standards or be customized.

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